Color Conundrum

>> Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My cute husband and I began discussing paint colors and such for this new house before we moved in. We even picked up a bunch of paint chips at a home improvement store while we were scouting out fun things like new fridges and washers and dryers.

Right away, we noticed a difference of opinions when it came to paint colors. I was all over the "tan is neutral, and you can add color with accessories" argument, while my husband (who by the way, on multiple occasions has told me that brown is not a color, silly boy) said tan is boring, and why don't we paint the walls colors like blue, green and red?

I tried to tell him that the main reason was to avoid having our house look like the inside of a circus tent (or something to that effect--probably more like "we don't want it to look like crazy people live here") etc, etc.

Anyway, we ended up choosing to paint the living room and adjoining family room/dining area a couple of nice neutral tans. Just like I wanted, and still what I think is the best choice for these areas. So I moved on and started thinking about what to do with our bedroom. And all I could think of was TAN. Same for our master bathroom. And even I started to think that that would just be too much tan!

Anyway, it got me wondering, was I choosing tan because I really thought it was a great design choice (ya know, since I know so much about that and all...) or if it was just because I was afraid of choosing the wrong colors. Yes, friends, it turns out that the reason I was afraid painting colors other than tan is that, though I have seen lots of design shows and blogs, I don't really know what I'm doing (and chances are good that it would look like a circus in here).

And if you're still reading what has turned into a long boring post about nothing of consequence, I will tell you, I still feel that tan is a wise color choice, but maybe not in every room of the house. So we'll be painting mostly tan in the main living spaces with a little green, blue/aqua, and maybe yellow and grey (the last two being kids' rooms) thrown into the mix.

Whether or not it ends up looking a little too circus-y is yet to be seen. I hope not.

What's your opinion on using color on your walls? Would you play it safe with tan or add some punch with color?


I'm Alive! (In case you were worried...)

Well, we survived the move. It was actually a little over a month ago, now, but I'm sure glad it's over. I'm not gonna lie, I had a little meltdown when I was stranded at the gas station with a dead car battery and neither my husband or father-in-law (who was driving our other car--thank you!) answered their phones. I think they were talking to each other... It all turned out fine, thanks to some friendly strangers, and of course my great FIL who came back and took care of it all while I entertained my little boy. Anyway, after that it was smooth sailing!

We got here, unpacked the essentials and went on vacation!

And now while my husband is at school, I am busy taking care of this crazy kid, and working on putting our house together. It's been going super slow so far. Remember this present from my husband?

Yeah, that's the only thing hanging on the walls of our house. Not a single other thing is up. I had a bit of a hard time figuring out what to do at first, as far as decorating goes (more on that later). But I think I've got it just about all figured out now, so it's on to the hard part...ya know, actually doing it. For now I am focusing on this room:

I hope I can get some of my readers back and interested in seeing the rest of the house, it's little makeover, some more recipes, and other little tidbits that I hope to post in the near future! I've even got a great guest blogger lined up next month that I'm super excited about, and you should be too!

Thanks for reading!


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