Halloween Preview!

>> Friday, October 29, 2010

Okay, I apologize for the poor quality of the picture (sent it to my email from my phone!) and the rushed manner of this post, but I just wanted to take a minute (literally) and post about the homemade Woody costume I made for my 2-year-old boy this year!

It was touch and go there for a bit, but I think it came together so cute! I can't wait for him to put it on this afternoon for our first of 3 Halloween parties we'll be going to today and tomorrow! What do you think?

The sheriff badge, belt buckle, holster and boots are all made from craft foam (either hot glued or stapled together...let's hope it all lasts till tomorrow!). For the boots I just made two cylinders and cut the V shape int he front. He'll wear his brown tennis shoes, and just slip the "boots" over his pants. I made the vest out of white fabric I painted cow spots onto. The shirt I made by painting the plaid and buttons on with some of that fabric paint with the skinny tip.

My husband and I are going to be Slinky Dog! Still throwing that one together though! I'll try and post a picture of that tomorrow.

I'm linking this post up to Fun on A Dime's October Fun Challenge!


What's your poison?

>> Monday, October 18, 2010

Lately I feel like I need to wear a gas mask when I clean the bathrooms. Because, ironically, the bathroom is about a million times smellier while I'm cleaning it than it is between cleanings. It's not the smell that's really bothering me, I guess, it's the fact that I'm sure something that something that smelly can't really be very good to be around...

So, I want to know, what do you use to clean your bathrooms?

I currently have a handy tote full of cleansers and sprays that I take from one bathroom to the next on bathroom cleaning day... Right now it's got some Fantasik bathroom spray, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, Clorox wipes, store brand blue glass cleaner, and a bottle of The Works tub and shower spray (which I just used for the first time--not only was I worried my nose hairs were being singed by the chemical smell of it, but it didn't seem to make my shower look a bit cleaner).

I don't mind the wipes, bowl cleaner and glass cleaner so much, but I want to find a better solution for the tub and counter/sink that will get the job done without poisoning me in the process.

I've thought of trying the homemade route, but I always worry I'll go to all that work for something that either doesn't make my bathroom look clean, or doesn't actually get it clean (disinfecting all the dirt, grime, and bodily whatnots that happen in a bathroom...). Any thoughts on this?

I've thought about (but not yet seriously considered) something like the Shaklee cleaning system that professes to be both economical and safe to use. Has anyone tried this?

So, please leave a comment, tell me what you use, what you like, love (or dislike for that matter), and any other tidbit that might help me decide how to clean my bathroom without having to invest in one of these:


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