It's Primed!

>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On Saturday, September 19(ish), 2009, my husband and I bought an ugly dresser for $40. A couple of weeks later my sister came over with her heavy duty sanders and wood filler and helped me get it prepped for painting.

3 Months Later...

I finally primed it tonight!! Want to to know what motivated me all of a sudden? Caroline once again offered her services (and more importantly, moral support), and is coming over tomorrow to help me paint it!

Thank you, sweet sister of mine for helping me get off my bum and actually get something done. Seriously sister is Wonder Woman...she's raising 5 little ones and gets about 5 times as much stuff done as me and my 1 little monkey. Well, at least I have a good example, right? :)

Still working on getting the handles... but eventually this beast will come together (and hopefully not fall right back apart when we move next summer!)


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