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>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If you thought my menu planning method was too much work, you might want to...

Wow. This website really does all the work for you. On the home screen of the website, you'll a pre-made calendar for the month, with recipes on each day of the week.

To the left of that is the shopping list for the current week of the calendar. And WOW, they even divide the ingredients into categories (according to where you find them in a grocery store) and label which day of the week you need each ingredient. Under the shopping list are buttons that allow you to print this week's recipes, email the list, or send it to your cell phone! They really mean business when they say they want to simplify supper.

Don't want to eat what they've got planned? No problem. You can also pick which recipes you want to make and when. The best part? The website will automatically make your fancy shmancy shopping list, no matter how many recipes you choose!

Or if you're like me, you can just use this website for recipe ideas, and browse, and browse, finding all sorts of yummies to try. And of course, being called Simplify Supper, you know that most of the recipes are very easy to make as well. Bonus!

Where do you find recipes and menu planning ideas?


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