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>> Thursday, June 4, 2009

So, I just got off the phone with my mom, and she was telling me all about the water party she's helping to throw for the kids at church. I told her I would love to go to that party with all the fun activities she has planned, so I thought I would share!

The kids range from ages 3 to 11, so they've got a range of activities planned.

Here are the activities geared toward the younger kiddies:

Sprinkler: A fun one to run through.

Sidewalk chalk: Who doesn't love this?

Duck pond: A wading pool filled with rubber ducks. Each duck has a number on the bottom that corresponds with a prize. The kids choose a duck and get a prize!

Bubble station: A bubble machine and a whole lot of bubble solution and about 15 wands.

Activities for older kids/everyone else:

Water baseball:
Wiffle balls, plastic bats, and wading pools for bases! I remember doing this at church activities as a teenager and thought it was so fun!

Slip 'n slide: Isn't this just everyone's favorite? You can't go wrong with a slip 'n slide!

Splash Out ball: Have you ever played with one of these? They are SO fun! It's a ball that you put a water balloon inside and play a game of hot potato with. The ball has a timer in it, and at random it will pop the balloon, soaking whoever happens to be holding it! Here's a picture I found on Amazon.com.

Relay Races: First team to finish wins! I DO LOVE A GOOD RELAY!
~Wet Towel Relay: This race starts with a bucket of water with a towel in it for each team. To run the race you pick the towel up out of the bucket, put it over your shoulders, and run to a certain point and back, where you put the towel back in the bucket for the next person.

~Pass the Cup: This is the relay where you have a bucket full of water on one end, and an empty bucket at the other, with your team in a line between the buckets. The first person on the end with the water bucket fills a cup with water, and then your team has to pass the down the line. The catch (of course there is one, that's what makes it fun!) is that you have to alternate passing "over" (over your head) and "under" (under your legs), and pass this way over, under, over, under down the line, trying not to spill the water so that you can fill up your bucket the fastest!

~Balloon Toss:
This is the game that you play the same way as an egg toss. You have a partner and everyone stands the same distance apart, then you toss the balloon, and after every toss or two you have to take a step back and toss across a farther distance. And here is a BRILLIANT adaptation my mom and her friends are making to this game. They are using ziplock bags filled with water instead of water balloons so that they don't have pick up a million little bidgies of water balloon from the church lawn after the party is over. I told you. Brilliant.

~Fill Up the Bucket:
I think this relay is similar to the Pass the Cup relay, but instead of having to pass over and under, this time you pass normally, except your cup has holes in the bottom, so you'd better pass it fast!

And for refreshments they are having snow cones, watermelon, and ice water!

Doesn't this sound like the perfect water party??? Summer is here! Get outside and have some fun with water!


Caroline June 4, 2009 at 1:47 PM  

Sounds like fun for the kids! I hope she's planning on getting wet. :)

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