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>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I use a Google reader to keep track of all of the design/craft/decor etc. blogs that I read everyday. I recently made a discovery that other Google reader users have known about since day 1. I'm going to share it anyway, on the off chance that someone else is as clueless as me :)

You can SEARCH for specific topics/keywords on your Google reader! Hello, helpful! I'm pretty sure I've spent a while on more than one occasion scrolling and scrolling down lists of past posts looking for a particular post I'd seen days, weeks, or months before and wanted to find again.

Um, yeah. You know that search box, at the top your reader. You can USE IT! Haha... maybe I'm just a dummy, but my life got so much easier when I realized this! Just tonight I searched for a post about making bandana baby dresses that I saw a few months ago, and found it in about 10 seconds.

And while I'm on the topic of searching, have you ever heard of this?

Search & Win

I love Swagbucks. I've only been doing it for a little while, but basically it is a way to earn "swagbucks" that can be redeemed for prizes like gift cards. And the best part is you earn swagbucks by doing internet searches... Yes. That means free stuff for doing nothing we don't already do.

What's really handy is that you can make the search box at the top of your internet browser a Swagbucks search box, so you don't have to even do anything extra! Sweet.

Anyway, when you refer your friends, you earn swagbucks whenever they do! Cool, eh? Anywho, just click on the button above and we can start earning free stuff together!


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