Mini Mantel Makeover

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

I meant to post this a week or two ago. Better late than never!

I posted about my renter's mantel here, and this is what it looked like after we got moved in and set it all up. I thought it was nice, but now it kinda looks like a bunch of stuff all lined up in a row across the mantle. But it worked.

I didn't take a picture of the mantle at Christmas, though it was lovely. Mini ornament wreaths around the candle sticks, garland, and a little white nativity in the middle.

Then....after Christmas... well I got lazy, I guess. I just kinda threw the other pictures and accessories up there and never really got around to arranging them...for a couple of months.

So this is sadly what my mantle looked like (or some variation of this) from the new year until just a couple of weeks ago. Sad, I know.

As they say, "clutter attracts clutter," so since it was in disarray already, I found myself sticking random things {that I wanted out of Bitty's reach} up there. Hence the headband, wedding announcement, and cover of yet another book my little boy destroyed.

Don't worry, I finally got sick of it, and did a little rearranging. I was going to look around and switch out a few items, but in the end I didn't.

With just about a minute's worth of rearranging, I ended up with this:

Ah, much better.

Here are a few other posts about decorating mantel's lately:

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Makes me want to put something more springy up there!


Lyssa March 22, 2010 at 10:28 AM  

It's amazing what a few minutes can do!
Looks great! I want a mantel!!

茂一 March 29, 2010 at 12:59 AM  
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